Massive MIMO Map Feb 2018 450

Dark blue: Building actively: China Mobile, Softbank Japan, Bharti India, Jio India, Vodafone India, Singtel, Globe Phillippines, Sprint USA

Medium: Announced: DT, FT/Orange, BT, Qatar, Verizon USA, T-Mobile Netherlands, Telekom South Africa  

Light blue: Talking: Vodafone England, Vodafone Turkey,
Safaricom Kenya, 

Rice farmers Mae Wang Chiang Mai ProvinceTrue Puts Thailand on the Map

CTO Christopher Hopcraft believes advanced technology and faster service will allow True to continue to be the fastest growing mobile service in Thailand. One of the first to deploy 4x4 MIMO across an entire network. He now is moving to 64 antennas and Massive MIMO. 

Thailand has 69M people, more than Britain or France. Mobile penetration is 138%, as customers frequently switch between the three carriers. Some of the rice farmers in the Wikipedia picture probably carry a mobile.

 A few years ago, China Mobile invested $880M for an 18% stake. They encouraged the company to stay at the forefront of technology. China Mobile was one of the first countries to deploy Massive MIMO. Thailand is now the fifth.

Huawei is the supplier. 



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Massive MIMO is rapidly deploying across the world; Soon, I'll be adding many more countries to the Massive MIMO map. On average, adding 64 or 128 antennas triples the performance of the cell site at moderate cost. Ericsson, Huawei, and ZTE are shipping by the thousands.

Being a reporter is a great job for a geek. I'm not an engineer but I've learned from some of the best, including the primary inventors of DSL, cable modems, MIMO, Massive MIMO, and now 5G mmWave. Since 1999, I've done my best to get closer to the truth about broadband.

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